Happy 2017 from Rescue Legacy

There’s something about the New Year that makes us vow to do - and be - better than we were the year before.

Perhaps it’s a belief that we are crossing a “time border” that symbolically wipes the slate clean and/or gives us a numeric foundation on which to build upon the previous year’s triumphs.

As just about anyone can attest, “resolutions” made under these conditions can quickly crumble under the weight of old habits, unrealistic expectations or fears that one is not up to the task. On the other hand, resolutions backed by a sound plan and perseverance can be realized.

Since March, 2015, it has been my honor and delight to blog about the rewards and challenges of pet parenting. What began as a forum to share the pain of pet loss has evolved into a weekly exploration of everything from the spiritual alchemy our pets afford us to the legal implications of the labels pet “guardian” versus pet “owner.”

In the coming year, Rescue Legacy will build upon its foundation to advocate for a shared lifetime of good health and happiness for pets and their human parents.

Rescue Legacy is pleased to announce its partnership with Joy Gaston, pet lover and strong proponent of pet wellness who “walks the talk” of animal welfare. Together, we are developing an on-line marketplace that will offer visitors access to a broad range of products and services in keeping with our pets-as-family values.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to grass-roots animal charities fighting to improve shelter conditions, preserve the dignity of aging and special-needs pets and keep low-income families and their pets together.

We at Rescue Legacy are driven to instill a heightened sense of responsibility among future and current pet parents. Our ultimate goal is to help ensure that a pet’s first adopted home is its last.

In 2017, may we all remember our loved ones - two legged and four, furry, scaled, feathered and shelled - who ultimately inspire us to make good on our resolutions to make our world a better place.