A company that both sucks and performs charitable acts is a rare breed. One that does both exceptionally well is a find worthy of our loyalty. 

Bissell is not only committed to making vacuums that suck the unwanted microbes from your carpet and floor. Since 2011, The Bissell Pet Foundation (BPF) has swept away the dashed hopes of more than 120,000 homeless animals by funding pet fostering and adoption efforts.

BPF was founded by Cathy Bissell after her life was changed forever through pet adoption. With the help of generous supporters, BPF has since awarded millions of dollars to a growing partner network of animal welfare organizations. 

The Foundation’s impact has been felt in all 50 states and Canada. BPF’s efforts support emergency puppy mill rescue and help homeless dogs and those with special needs or injuries who would otherwise be euthanized. They also promote microchipping to keep pets and their families together and spay/neuter programs to address pet overpopulation.

All beneficiaries and their specific funding missions are listed on BPF’s “Action” page on their website. You can check out their line of cleaning products on our Marketplace page.

Bissell does right by adopted animals - and the floors they play on.