Pets are family. Forever.


Through the ages, our animal companions have served us as hunters, sentries, shepherds and beasts of burden.

Over time, they became our friends. For most, they became family.

Rescue Legacy is your on-line resource for creating a lifetime of good health and happiness with your pet.

Rescue Legacy’s blogs celebrate the gifts our pets give us while helping people address the challenges that may end in pet surrender.

Our marketplace features the highest-quality products and services reflecting our pets-as-family values.

A portion of Rescue Legacy’s proceeds will be donated toward grass-roots animal charities.

Please join Rescue Legacy in making a better world for you and your pets.


Rescue Legacy's mission is to create a better world for you and your pets.

Read about and share the joys and challenges of pet parenting.


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Greg Potter, founder and president

Joy gaston, director of development


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