Vacay With Your Pets: the Paws that Refreshes

Wanna take a steamboat ride in Canyon Lake, Arizona or go belly-up-to-the bar in Birmingham, Alabama? How about chowing down in Allentown, Pennsylvania, knowing that part of the tab will be donated to a pet-related non-profit? Up for a raucous romp on Cannon Beach in Oregon?

Now imagine that you could do all these things - and hundreds more - with your best, four-legged friend. No “Service Pet” vest required!

You can! And it’s never too early to plan.

Each year, thousands of Americans are piling their pets in the RV along with parasols, blankets and a post-apocalyptic cache of kibble and heading for the open road. If you’re really well-off (isn’t everybody?), you’re chartering that private jet to distant parts known, loved, and totally accepting of companion animals.

Did someone say, “Road trip?!” Check out Select from a menu of desired way-stations for you and your pet including hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, activities and pet-related services. Punch your point-of-origin and your destination into the Road Trip Planner and watch the route unfold like a crisp, new auto club map highlighting every possible place you’ll want to go.

If you’re jet-setting it, give a look. Link up to each airlines’ pet policies or get a list of private jet charters and prepare to zoom off into stratospheric bliss. The site also lists pet-friendly limo services so you and your pal can tour the town in style. Before you slide onto the leather seats, however, you may want to scope out one of the “pet relief” areas in your debarking airport.

Need a rental property for an extended-stay getaway? On, you can search by state for your just-right cozy corner of the world to share with your furry friend. Listings for Mexico and the Caribbean are also included.

No one likes to think it could rain on their parade. However, has considered this advent. Working with Hurricane Hollow Weather, PetsWelcome has created the Hurricane Evacuation and Location Planning program (H.E.L.P.) so that people can make informed decisions when storms threaten their area and/or evacuation orders are given.

Ever thought that you could start your vacation without a pet - and return home with one? At the Kauai Humane Society in Lihue, Hawaii, both tourists and residents may take an adoption-ready, well-mannered pooch for a joyful jaunt amidst the island’s natural wonders. Since this program was launched in January, 2014, 165 dogs have reportedly been adopted. It’s quite possible that a bouncy bundle may just hula his or her way into your heart.

For those who want to leave the grind behind and really go off-grid with a companion animal experience, try volunteering for a week at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. On the sprawling grounds, you can awe at sun-splashed sandstone formations and wander the rolling trails while lending aid and comfort to a rainbow of four-legged species. Some insist that this “working” vacation beats business conference calls by a mile.

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to bring your whole family with you when it comes time to get out of Dodge.

Whoa! Our Lilly the Boston terrier is modeling her Russian Princess coat with the white fur collar!

Looks like snow-boarding in Sun Valley.